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Nelly De Vuyst uses only the finest natural raw materials gathered from carefully chosen sources throughout the world.

Synergistically works with the skin providing dramatic and long lasting results.

Anti-Aging Treatment

Your plan to stay young…

Professional Treatments by Nelly De Vuyst®

Aging of the skin is an inevitable and natural process that affects both the surface layers of the skin (epidermis) and the deeper layers (dermis and hypodermis). Production of new cells decreases and skin goes through a process of cellular deterioration. The epidermis along with the dermis changes, losing its ability to absorb water. Elastin fibers and collagen break down, fatty tissue in the hypodermis gradually disappears and skin loses definition.

Is there a Magic Wand for Anti-Aging? Aging is a process that is inevitable. We can however, age gracefully and with dignity. 

Nelly De Vuyst® products prevent and improve the effects of aging through a combination of Active Ingredients intended to:

• Moisturize and rebalance hydration
• Facilitate exfoliation and remove excess dead cells
• Firm and improve structure of the skin
• Stimulate and promote cell renewal (e.g. fibroblasts)
• Protect the skin from free radicals (e.g. antioxidants)
• Improve overall skin color, texture and wrinkles

Sensitive Skin – Rosacea Treatment

Stop Seeing RED!

Professional Treatments by Nelly De Vuyst®

The visible signs of sensitive skin appear as redness, hives, peeling, dryness, cracking and rash. Sensations such as burning, stinging and itching are common among sensitive skin conditions. Depending on the subtype, rosacea symptoms may include flushing, facial redness, pimples, dryness, visible blood vessels, eye irritation and, in severe cases, skin thickening.

Treating rosacea and controlling the symptoms as soon as possible is of utmost importance. Nelly De Vuyst® has developed a line of products designed specifically to control rosacea symptoms and prevent future outbreaks.

Factors influencing Rosacea:

• Genetic predisposition
• Smoking or second-hand smoke exposure
• Prolonged exposure to tanning lamps
• Exposure to sudden temperature changes
• Exposure to extreme weather conditions
• Hot beverages, spicy food, or alcohol

Dry | Dehydrated Skin Treatment

Tight, Itchy?

Professional Treatments by Nelly De Vuyst®

Dry skin doesn’t contain enough oil, so it lacks a sheen and plumpness, pores appear smaller, it can look red, sore and get aggravated easily and be itchy and flaky in places. It could feel tight and possibly be difficult to rub moisture products into the skin.

Dehydrated skin doesn’t contain enough water, looks grey and washed out, has a feeling of tightness and dryness – although it can still appear oily and spotty and have large or small pores. The skin is thirsty and it quickly absorbs the water in moisturizers and makeup, causing patchiness or shine.

Factors influencing Dry-Dehydrated Skin:

• Weather/Environmental Elements
• Diet
• Lifestyle
• Genetics

Shine Control…

Tight, Itchy?

Professional Treatments by Nelly De Vuyst®

Do you have overproductive sebaceous glands, which are responsible for oily skin? The good news is this skin type is generally slower to show fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration. The downside can be more frequent breakouts, large pores and a greasy appearance.

Many factors contribute to oily skin, including hormone levels, humidity, diet and cosmetics. However, heredity plays the biggest role in oil production. Oily skin is most common during puberty but may affect anyone of any age.

Factors influencing Oily Skin:

• Heredity
• Diet
• Hormone levels
• Pregnancy
• Birth control pills
• Cosmetics you use
• Humidity and hot weather

Hyperpigmentation Treatment

Lightening Up!

Professional Treatments by Nelly De Vuyst®

Hyperpigmentation is the production of excess melanin causing dark spots on the skin. Age spots, liver spots, freckles, sun spots, pregnancy mask are all types of hyperpigmentation and Nelly De Vuyst® can help reduce or remove these dark areas from your skin.

Hyperpigmentation can affect the skin of all races, but is more common and at times more severe and longer lasting in darker skin. Some of the most common skin areas that experience hyperpigmentation are the face, arms and hands.

Causes of Hyperpigmentation:

• Sun exposure
• Hormonal changes
• Heredity
• Acne

The Silhouette

Rediscover your silhouette with a complete selection of Nelly De Vuyst® Body Care products specifically formulated to:

• Visibly reduce the “orange peel” appearance of cellulite
• Contribute to a firmer and more youthful looking skin
• Maintain optimum hydration* of your skin

Contour and Cellulite Treatments

Fact: 95% of women are prone to cellulite, water retention, dimpling, orange peel… Whether originating from fat, circulatory or fibrous; the symptoms of cellulite are visible and unsightly.

Now you can “Say Goodbye” to cellulite with the Nelly De Vuyst® Oleaslim Body Care. These specialized products visibly reduce the appearance of unsightly profusions and localized cellulite. Rediscover your body contour with the Nelly De Vuyst® Oleaslim Treatment Products.

Cleavage Neck and Hands

The neck, cleavage and hands are often the first areas that give away a person’s age. Nelly De Vuyst® addresses the specific needs of these areas that are too noticeable to be ignored.

Anti-Aging Product Line


1. The oval shape of your face largely depends on the firmness of your neck and bust area.
2. Subjected to the constant daily agressions such as the dry cold, heat, frequent hand washing as well as some household products it is no wonder that the skin on your hands is constantly put to the test.
3. Stretch marks, sagging skin… for many women, firm skin is synonymous with a young body.

Preserve all your youth with the Nelly De Vuyst® Neck, Cleavage and Hand Treatment Products.

Body Exfoliation

Dry, dull and an uneven skin texture are often the consequences of an accumulation of dead cells on the surface of the skin. Poorly eliminated, these dead cells form a barrier that prohibt you from obtaining the full benefits of any body treatment.

Refine skin texture and vivify the body with Nelly De Vuyst® Body Exfoliant Products.

Exfoliating Product Line

Fact: A body exfoliation can increase penetration of the body care treatment products by more than 70%.

Maximize the efficiency of the body care treatment by preparing the skin to receive Nelly De Vuyst® products.

Anti-Stress Relaxation

To live a spa experience at home, Nelly De Vuyst® offers a range of Relaxing Treatments.

Free yourself from the everyday tensions with Nelly De Vuyst® treatments specifically designed to help dissipate any stress symptoms from the body and mind.

Relaxation Product Line

Fact: A 20 minutes soak in the Relaxing Bath is equivalent to 90 minutes of Yoga. Proper leg hydration above all requires good circulatory activity. Stress and strains of everyday life are the cause of muscle, inflammatory or circulatory pain.

Relieve daily stress by giving yourself a relaxing moment with the Nelly De Vuyst® Relaxation Treatment Products.

Keratolyse Vegetal Peeling

Professional Treatments by Nelly De Vuyst®

The Keratolyse is an enzymatic peel recommended for revealing a glowing complexion and visibly improving skin texture. True alternative to chemical peels, the Keratolyse helps eliminate dead cells while preparing skin to absorb Nelly De Vuyst® skin care products.

Perfectly tolerated by sensitive skin, it is suitable for all skin types and can be applied on the eyelids and lips.

Bul’Mask Oxygenating

Professional Treatments by Nelly De Vuyst®

Innovative and exclusive to Nelly De Vuyst®, the Bul’Mask treatment is a micro-bubble foam that dramatically transforms the appearance of the skin in less than 20 minutes. Based on their specific needs, each region of the face, neck and cleavage benefit from its proper layering of serums, oils and creams. Offering a 5 in 1 facial care treatment, the Bul’Mask Oxygenating maximizes the synergy and the penetration of this treatment care overlay.

The skin complexion appears immediately revitalized, detoxified and radiantly healthy.

Lifting Complex Mask

Professional Treatments by Nelly De Vuyst®

Nelly De Vuyst® Lifting Complex Treatment is ideal for an instant radiant glow and a face appearing visibly smoother and firmer as if from a face lift effect. Thanks to the synergy of its plumping, ultra-moisturizing and radiant-enhancing ingredients, this extraordinary professional care provides immediate and lasting results in less than 45 minutes.

From the first treatment, the results are comparable to those obtained after a micro-current session.

Oleaslim Body Treatment

Professional Treatments by Nelly De Vuyst®

Voted best body wrap by aesthetic professionals, the Oleaslim Body Treatment is the favorite treatment for people prone to cellulite, water retention or wishing to reshape their silhouette. Formulated with the synergy of caffeine extracts and with slimming, detoxifying and stimulating pure essential oils, this exclusive Nelly De Vuyst® body treatment dramatically improves texture and suppleness of the skin from the very first session.

Visibly reduces the appearance of cellulite and orange peel.

Cosmos® BioTense Facial

Organic Certified Facial

The Nelly De Vuyst® COSMOS® BioTense Facial is the very first COSMOS® and Ecocert® organic certified facial in the world. This signature treatment is ideal for hypersensitive skin and environmentally conscious clients looking for efficient, organic, fair trade, eco-friendly, vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free treatment care.

The Nelly De Vuyst® BioTense treatment combines a synergy of certified organic COSMOS® ingredients with the innovative massage technique BioTense. The skin is immediately more hydrated, firmer and radiant. The most advanced facial treatment available for today’s spa industry.

Dramatic results. Reduces the appearance of:

• Fine line and wrinkles
• Devitalized skin
• Dull and tired complexion

Nelly De Vuyst® BioAcne Collection

BioAcne Cleansing Gel

Desulfurizing, sulfate-free foam cleanser that perfectly cleans oily, acne prone skin. Contains a synergy of antibacterial, exfoliating and anti-inflammatory ingredients to help reduce the severity of acne pimples.

Nelly De Vuyst® BioAcne Collection

BioAcne Foaming Cleanser

Ultra-light, sulfate-free cleansing foam ideal for the daily hygiene of oily, acne-prone skin. Helps to effectively remove excess oil and impurities from the skin without drying it out.

Nelly De Vuyst® BioAcne Collection

BioAcne Mask

Weekly treatment ideal for oily, acne prone skin. Contains purifying, soothing and detoxifying ingredients that instantly improve pore appearance and help to prevent blemishes. From the first application, the skin texture is refined, the complexion is much cleaner, fresher with a mat finish. The skin appears radiant with health.

Nelly De Vuyst® BioAcne Collection

BioAcne pH Toner

Alcohol-free toner ideal for acne prone skin. Its balancing and antiseptic ingredients help to restore the physiological pH of the skin and maintain the integrity of the beneficial microbial flora. Helps prevent the formation of acne pimples.

Nelly De Vuyst® BioAcne Collection

BioAcne Purifying Gel

Daily moisturizing skin care specific for acne prone skin. Ultra-light, non-greasy formula developed from a trio of anti-seborrheic, comedolytic and anti-inflammatory ingredients. In only 30 days, the visible signs of acne such as blackheads, pimples and oily skin are visibly reduced. Day after day, the complexion appears fresher, brighter, and gleaming with purity.

Nelly De Vuyst® BioAcne Collection

BioAcne Serum

Targeted treatment ideal for localized imperfections of acne prone skin, such as papules and pustules. Contains a synergy of anti-seborrheic and keratolytic ingredients that help dry out pimples while accelerating their healing. A practical and efficient skin care product to carry everywhere with you for achieving flawless skin.


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