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A New Skin Care Concept Specifically Adapted to Every Type of Skin Which Will Allow
You to Achieve Visible and Lasting Results.

View our full range of Methode Physiodermie products by selecting a category below. Experience how each product can help you look and feel better!

We know that cleansing is an important process to clear our skin of any dirt or impurities and we do have many options of cleansers available. If you have very sensitive skin or suffer from a condition like rosacea, then it's essential to keep skin calm during the cleansing process. more

After cleansing the skin, the toner offers additional deep cleansing of the pores. It serves to hydrate, revitalize, soothe and balance the pH of the skin. It literally relaxes and tones the pores preparing them to more effectively receive the benefits of the moisturizer cream. more

A skin exfoliation should be done on a weekly basis. This is necessary in order to remove any dead skin cells lying on the top layer of your skin to make room for your new skin cells. These skin cells are essentially dead, they will be 'grey' in colour and not your usual healthy pink skin cells. more

Our selection of high quality treatment creams are ideal for a wide range of skin conditions from oily to dry and from wrinkled to sensitive. Physiodermie has created the ideal skin cream to suite the needs of everyone. more

Advanced treatment products specialized to control the symptoms of Hyperpigmentation, Rosacea and Acne Rosacea. more

An alternative treatment for acne prone skin (pimple) without any of the disadvantages resulting from the use of medication. Can be used on the face, cleavage and back. more

This exclusive formula takes into account the multiple causes of premature skin aging. After years of research, the Swiss laboratories have perfected a new reverse micro-encapsulated anti-aging complex with multi-regenerating global action. more

Chrono Repair® White is a line of six products that lighten skin tone, including a deep cleanser, lightening lotion and serum, night and day treatment and lightening mask. more

Chrono Repair® Radiance Takes advantage of the most recent biological discoveries in the field of Research on the mechanisms which govern premature aging, the research team of Laboratoire Sintyl have perfected a completely new concept brand of Anti-Age* perfect Color cares. more

Male skin is characterized by a thick epidermis and a dense dermis. It has intense cellular and gladular activity, and its energy requirements are greater. Due to ravages of shaving, it also demands gentle care and protection. more

These treatment products compliment your basic skin care regime. Rebalances and boosts your skin when going through changes (Seasonal, Health, Stress). more

A gentle daily massage of your skin with the regenerating oil will improve the look and state of your skin. It works preemptively against the occurence of face-lines, stria, cracks and dry patches as well as easing cosmetical after-effects of cured skin imperfections such as a size, look and colour difference of scars. more

Bioaromes are meant to treat skin ailments such as dehydration, redness and fine lines. Containing highly concentrated ingredients chemically formulated into molecules much smaller than those in a moisturizer, a serum is absorbed into the skin quickly & more deeply for a more intensive effect. more

A face mask is ideal for providing instant results. Whether for calming, soothing, hydrating, toning or firming your skin, Methode Physiodermie treatment masks will provide you with an instant glow and help put your best face forward. more

We want to feel confident and comfortable being in our own skin, no matter what. Methode Physiodermie offers a complete range of body contour products that fight cellulite and offer slimming and firming effects. more

Our Methode Physiodermie Bath Oils are specifically designed to rebalance your body's metabolism. Using the Meima Technology, essential oils are nano-dispersed in the water to ensure maximum absorption in the skin. more

A sun screen that protects against both ultraviolet type B (UVB) radiation and ultraviolet type A (UVA) radiation offering the best protection against the harmful rays of the sun. Also keeps your skin young and hydrated with added anti-aging actives. more

Small and practical. Travel sizes are perfect for the gym bag, chalet, frequent flyers and clients looking to try something new. Travel Sizes are a must! more

Treating ingrown hairs doesn't just mean pulling them out. You can prevent them before they appear or stop them in their tracks with a little help. Our especially formulated product deeply exfoliate allowing the hair to release and moisturize the skin, making it more pliable. more


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