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IonoDerme Hydrojet

IonoDerme Hydrojet

This dynamic machine packs a lot of technology that will reduce wrinkles and smooth your skin. If you are familiar with Hydrafacials, imagine if you add an additional energy source to drive nutrients below the surface of your skin. This is transformational, and why we had to bring this into EY Skincare! And, we are the first to offer the Ionoderme Hydrojet in all of the Southern California area! Better yet, it is a very relaxing procedure - without the mess and downtime of chemical peels.

To Treat the Symptoms of:

• Hyper pigmentation
• Hyper hydrosis
• Acne and Acne scars
• Rosacea
• Skin aging
• Hair restoration in R&D
• Vaginal Rejuvenation in R&D
• PRP in R&D

What is in it for me?

• No Down Time
• 20 Minutes
• Quick and Easy
• Affordable
• Love the Results
• No Adverse Effects
• It Can be Customized to Skin Type


• A non-surgical and non-invasive skin procedure
• Solutions delivered without needles or incisions
• A trans epidermal delivery of active solutions without pain
• Facial infustion of solutions a new advanced Hydrojet Medical Facial
• Chemical peels with not discomfort or downtime
• Visible results after the first treatment
• Guaeanteed results
• Multiple breakthroughs in treatment applications

The Benefits

• Provide peelings that penetrate
• Respect the epidermis
• Stimulate the trans dermal junction
• initiate the production of pro collagen 1
• stimulate cellular metabolism
• Treat all areas of the skin including the most sensitive areas
• Provoke an instant glowing skin
• Instant penetration of electro conductive solution

Non-Invasive - Non-Surgical

Who is it suitable for?

This newest method of delivery offers unlimited possibilities to specialists. By using different liquid solutions, it is possible to achieve the wanted results without damaging nor traumatizing the skin while retaining its integrity and health. IonoDerme System offers multiple peels and infusions to address all skin concerns.

IonoPeel Cleopatra: A light skin polish for revealing young, fresh glowing skin.

IonoPeel Mendelic Blend: A deeper peel for targeting renewal and repair of pigmentation, scarring, pores, wrinkles and for darker skin types.

IonoDesincrust: Liquefies the natural oils of the skin for a deep pore cleansing of the skin.

IonoBright: For a lightening effect of hyperpigmentation and to even out skin tone.

IonoCalm: A treatment of the symptoms of rosacea and sensitive skin.

IonoLift: For an increased firmness and diminishment of expression lines and wrinkles.

IonoBacter: A treatment for the symptoms of acne.

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