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A New Skin Care Concept Specifically Adapted to Every Type of Skin Which Will Allow
You to Achieve Visible and Lasting Results.

View our full range of Methode Physiodermie products by selecting a category below. Experience how each product can help you look and feel better!

Bioarome CN Soothing
Body: On all tense areas, painful cellulite, painful legs or feet, neck, sensitive skin etc

Thanks to its exclusive synergy of soothing essential oils and the MEIMA technology , this gentle treatment serum will help irritated and sensitive skin to feel smoother and more comfortable.

Bioarome HY Normalizing
Body: Spider veins, heavy legs with a tendency for water retention.

Refreshing serum for heavy legs with a tendency to water retention or spider veins appearance.

Bioarome CEL Sculpting

A concentrated serum that breaks up and eliminates excess fatty deposits (compact cellulite). Its high concentration of slimming ingredients makes it a powerful body sculptor. Fights excess accumulation of fat and cellulite (orange peel).

Bioarome VD Balancing

Body: Perfect care for heavy legs, cellulite (orange peel) and water retention.

Bioarome RC Revitalising
Body: skin laking vitality, tired skin, crumple or wrinkled body skin, stretch mark aspects.

Anti-aging treatment serum for devitalized and wrinkled body skin. Contributes to moisturisation and revitalization of the epidermis. Restores the skin texture.

Bioarome DEP Purifying
Combination, oily, impure and gray skin.  Purifying

Treatment serum for combination skin prone to blackheads and open pores aspect. Perfect epidermis purifier. Restores a pure, fresh, healthy looking skin aspect.

Bioarome DS Anti-Impurities
Impure (pimples), intoxicated, dull-looking skin, hard (oxidized) blackheads.

Perfect epidermis moisturizer serum for impure, grey skin with pimples or blackheads.

Bioarome FL Anti-Redness
Body: aspect of capillary fragility, especialy on legs.

This serum is suitable for the care of skin subject to capillary fragility. Gently moisturizes the skin and improves its aspect. Daily use will reduce the appearance of redness*, leave skin feeling silky, cushioned.

Bioarome TM Tonifying
Body: flaccid skin, skin lacking tone (thighs, bust, arms, neck, decolleté etc).

Thanks to its exclusive synergy of toning essential oils and plant extracts and the MEIMA technology, this treatment serum will firm the skin and help to recover its natural elasticity. Moisturizes and restores vitality to skin.

Physiomask Global Balancing Revitalising
All skin types

Peel-off film mask rich in PCbG complex, natural essential oils, plant extracts, and energizing minerals. Eliminates impurities. Leaves the skin smooth, soft, and radiant. Unifies the complexion.

Soft Face Biopeeling Instant Smoothness
All skin types

Double effect enzyme exfoliator gently sweeps away dead cells and impurities. Leaves a perfectly clear and smooth skin.

Bio-Gommage Body
All skin types.
Exfoliating, Smoothing

Exfoliates dead cells and impurities, thus favoring the natural renewal of the epidermis. Leaves skin fresh and smooth.

Evolution Shower Hydrating Milk SL
Moisturizing treatment for the hands

Nourishes and protects the skin against environmental factors. Helps lighten pigmentation spots and prevents premature aging while leaving the skin soft, even, and hydrated.

Evolution Shower Hydrating Milk NB
Normal to oily skin types.

Gentle lathering cleanser. Cleanses while respecting the epidermis. Leaves the skin soft and supple. May be used for Face and Body.

Body Milk
Moisturizer for all skin types

Hydrates, tones, and revitalizes skin, leaving it smooth, fresh, and velvety-soft. Ideal after bath or shower for a fresh start.

Body Sculpting Gel
Cellulite (orange peel), flaccid, toneless skin on thighs, stomach and arms Anti-cellulite, draining, firming

Anti-cellulite care. Helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Improves the texture and elasticity of the skin to find a firmer silhouette. Firms and moisturizes the skin.

Bust Firming Gel
Moisturizing and firming gel for delicate skin of bust and neckline

Its melting fresh gel texture instantly smooths the epidermis. Contains firming, revitalizing plant extracts, and a patented tensor complex specific for bust skin and neckline.

Vergetyl Stretch Mark Emulsion
Improves skin elasticity for stretch marks prevention and repair

Rich in restructuring and revitalizing micro-encapsulated plant extracts, this cream helps to restore skin elasticity therefor preventing and fading-away the appearance of stretch marks, Suitable for use during pregnancy or a weight-loss program.

Light Leg Complex
Intense freshness and lightness for heavy legs and feet

Leg refreshing lotion with double effect:
Relieving effect: Freshens up to rapidly relieve tired or heavy legs.
Tonifying effect: Provides a feeling of tonification and well-being.

Essential Bath Oil DS Modelling

Its natural scents of bitter orange oil and cinnamon are known to have stimulating and dynamizing effects. Helps to reduce the appearance of orange peel (cellulite).

Essential Bath Oil HY Normalizing
Body: specific for tired /heavy legs, spider veins, and cellulite aspect

Rich in refreshing essential oils, it effectively helps to relieve tired and heavy legs, and improve cellulite aspect. Can be used for a whole body bath or only for feet and legs’ bath.

Physiodermie Travel Kit
Travel kit

Travel in style with this hand luggage approved collection of Physiodermie bestselling skincare range.
With everything your skin needs to stay clean, hydrated, revitalized and protected on the go.


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