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A New Skin Care Concept Specifically Adapted to Every Type of Skin Which Will Allow
You to Achieve Visible and Lasting Results.

View our full range of Methode Physiodermie products by selecting a category below. Experience how each product can help you look and feel better!

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Soothing Bioarome (CN)
Serum for sensitive skin

With its highly active ingredient complex, this treatment serum gently soothes irritated and sensitive skin leaving a more relaxed feeling of well-being. Regular use increases the tolerance level of sensitive skin. Recommended for sensitive, congested, irritated skin. Apply on tensed areas of the face, body and cleavage.

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Tonifying Bioarome (TM)
Serum for tired, toneless skin and loose neck

Firming action serum that tones the skin's structure and stimulates elasticity. Tightens pores and restores youth and vitality to the skin. Ideal for loose tissues and neck area.

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Anti-Redness Bioarome (FL)
Serum for redness, sensitive skin, and telangiectasia

This treatment serum is ideal for red, couperose, and sensitive skin. Decongests the skin and strengthens the capillary walls. Daily use will desensitize and reinforce the skin while eliminating redness. Ideal for sensitive red (rosacea) skin prone to broken capillaries and spider veins.

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Normalizing Bioarome (HY)
Serum to treat dark circles and grey complexion

Oxygenates the skin and improves the capillary microcirculation. Protects and regulates the capillaries. Face: Sensitive, congested and asphyxiated skin. Body: Spider veins, heavy legs with a tendency to retain water.

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Balancing Bioarome (VD)
Serum to treat swelling

Decongests and removes all traces of tiredness. Face: Congested, intoxicated and/or puffy eyes. Body: Heavy legs, cellulite (orange peel) and water retention.

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Purifying Bioarome (DEP)
Serum for oily skin

Treatment serum for combination skin prone to blackheads. Perfect epidermis oxygenator and purifier. Penetrates deep into the pores to eliminate superficial impurities thus reducing and preventing the formation of blackheads.

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Anti-Impurities Bioarome (DS)
Serum for papules (pimples) and sebaceous cysts

Purifies and detoxifies the skin. Treatment for impure, intoxicated and asphyxiated skin with pimples and cysts. To be used in combination with the Purifying Cream to obtain a clearer more radiant complexion.

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Oily Skin Bioarome (RS)
Serum for oily skin

This serum reduces and controls the production of sebum. Prevents blackheads and matifies the skin.

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Revitalizing Bioarome (RC)
Serum for wrinkled, devitalized and tired skin

Anti-aging treatment serum for devitalized wrinkled skin. Stimulates the cellular renewal process and reinforces the structure of the skin while restoring its natural firmness. Can be used in conjunction with the Optimum Lift Cream or the Toner Cream.

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Sclupting Bioarome (CEL)
Cellulite treatment

Concentrated serum that breaks up and eliminates excess fatty deposits (compact cellulite). Its high concentration of slimming actives makes it a powerful body sculptor. Fights excess accumulation of fat and cellulite (orange peel). For maximum results, use before the application of the Body Shaping Gel.

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Tonifying Mask
For dry, chapped and dehydrated skin. Scars

This deep tissue repairing oil will generate new cells while providing natural lipidic supplements to the skin. Ideal for dry chapped skin, eczema, psoriasis, recent scars, light burns, after laser resurfacing surgery and microdermabrasion.

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Balancing Mask
For dry, chapped and dehydrated skin. Scars

This deep tissue repairing oil will generate new cells while providing natural lipidic supplements to the skin. Ideal for dry chapped skin, eczema, psoriasis, recent scars, light burns, after laser resurfacing surgery and microdermabrasion.

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Detoxifying Mask
Mask for impure and acne prone skin

Purifies the epidermis by balancing sebum secretion. Eliminates dead cells and impurities giving the skin a clean and clear appearance. Ideal for intoxicated skin or skin suffering from the effects of smoking.

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Bust Refirming Gel
Treatment for the firming of the bust

Strengthens the elasticity of the skin supporting the breast. Daily use will help maintain a firm bust line. Tones loose tissues providing a firm contour. Ideal after pregnancy or surgery.

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Hand Beauty Cream
Moisturizing treatment for the hands

Nourishes and protects the skin against environmental factors. Helps lighten pigmentation spots and prevents premature aging while leaving the skin soft, even, and hydrated.

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Bio-Gommage Body - Velvety Satin
Exfoliant and cleanser 2 in 1

Exfoliates dead cells and contributes to cell renewal. Its detoxifying biological elements gently disintegrate impurities and dead cells and accelerate natural cell renewal. The Body Biogommage will leave your skin fresh and smooth.

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Body Sculpting Gel
Treatment against cellulite

Reaches into the adipose tissue to eliminate fat cells. Breaks up accumulated adiposity (fat) to recover a sculptured firm figure. Firms the skin, reduces the appearance of cellulite and moisturizes the skin.

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Vergetyl - Restructuring Skin
Treatment against cellulite

This cream is rich in restructuring and regenerating micro-encapsulated plant extracts. It will restore skin elasticity. Stretch marks will fade away.

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Body Fluid
For All Skin Types

Hydrates, tones and regenerates the skin, leaving it smooth, fresh and toned. Ideal after your bath or shower for a fresh start.

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Light Leg Complex (Spray)
Treatment for heavy legs, cellulite and spider veins

Repairs and strengthens the vascular system responsible for spider veins. Reduces water retention, improves circulation and strengthens weak capillaries to reduce swelling and relieve tension in the legs. Legs immediately feel lighter. Also great for any body part experiencing pain (congestion) and for post-liposuction treatment.

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Slimming Lotion (Wrap)*
Slims and Reshapes Fatty Zones

Reduces accumulation of fat, cellulite and toxins, Improves skin tone and elasticity, Breaks down and dissolves fat, Stimulates circulatory system.

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LympoHuile (Wrap)
Massage and Draining Oil

Stimulates micro-circulation, Promotes the elimination of metabolic waste, Normalizes capillary exchanges, Eliminates toxins and moisturizes the skin.

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Calming Soothing Bath (CN)
Relaxing and anti-stress

Soothes and calms the body. Creates a physical and mental relaxation ideal for combating stress. Helps eliminate all signs of tiredness and generates a feeling of well being. Body: Muscular fatigue and stress.

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Slimming Bath Oil (DS)
Cellulite treatment bath

Body contouring bath to shape a new silhouette. Breaks up polymerized fat cells, eliminating cellulite. Excellent aid in body reshaping.

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Normalizing Bath Oil (HY)
Heavy legs and spider veins bath

Relieves tired and heavy legs. Regulates excess perspiration and rebalances excess fluids. Excellent for sensitive skin, intoxicated skin, water retention and cellulite (orange peel).

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Detoxifying Bath Oil (LF)
Detoxifying and anti-impurities bath

Detoxifies the skin. Eliminates impurities while allowing the skin to breathe and regain its natural softness. Excellent for intoxicated skin, impurities (pimples), acne on the back and poor circulation (toxicity).

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Toning Stimulating Bath Oil (TM)
Tonifying and energizing bath

Instant stimulating and firming effects improving the skin's elasticity. Provides the sensation of a fresh start and a feeling of well being. For best results, use in the morning. For an immediate energizing boost before a night out. For lifeless, devitalized and loose tissues and low energy level. Excellent for jetlag.

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Seaweed Firming Bath Oil (Wrap)
Detoxifying and firming bath

Cellulite and detoxifying treatment bath that activates circulation and stimulates cutaneous exchanges. Fights cutaneous looseness. Provides the skin's natural elasticity. Effective in smoothing out cellulite (orange peel). Regular use in synergy with the appropriate Essential Bath Oil will produce faster and longer lasting results.

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SPF 30 PLUS* Sunscreen Emulsion
For the face and the body. For all skin types

Developed to protect the skin against the damaging UVA / UVB rays. Keeps your skin young and hydrated with the added anti-aging actives. Non-comedogenic. For all skin types.

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Sun Activator Face and Body
For the face and the body. For all skin types

Contains a HPS3 complex that intensifies and accelerates the tanning process. Prepares the skin for its first sun exposure. Increases the melanin production and commences the tanning of the skin without causing any sunburning. Favors a more intense, even and durable tan.

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Physiodermie Travel Kit
Travel kit

Stabilizing Lotion (pH) (50 ml), Soft Face Bio-Peeling (30 ml), Deep Cleansing Milk (50 ml), Sensitive Skin Cream (30 ml).

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For all skin types

Bannipil is a specially selected formula that slows the hair's regrowth process underneath the skin. Normalizes the circulatory activity. Prevents ingrown hair and inhibits the papilla. Weakens the hair bulb, making hair removal easier.


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